What we do?

Our specialization is applied ergonomics in the work environment, its evaluation and measurement according to valid legislation. We have more than 15 years of experience, gained predominantly in the automotive industry. Our clients are mainly manufacturing companies from the automotive, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries in the Czech Republic.    



Managing Director

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My husband and I founded the company in 2017 and since then I have been an executive, a signer of contracts, I communicate with the authorities, sometimes I even have a good idea, so you can call me "a businesswoman". I take care of all administrative items important for the operation of the company. I studied Russian in the field of business at the University of Ostrava, but in the end my working journey took a different direction, namely in the field of HR. That’s why I like to work with people I know to be my friends - which is what I do in ErgoCzech.



Project manager, Ergonomics specialist

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In the company, I’m multi-tasking - I introduce new clients and projects to the company, I perform ergonomic audits, I train and mentor new ergonomists and I also try to dabble a little about running the company, giving it direction, coming up with new ideas and trendy…

I have been working in applied ergonomics for 15 years. I was "brought up" by the company Continental (formerly Siemens, now Vitesco), where I was one of the first in the Czech Republic to work with the 3D ergo simulation tool JACK. I performed ergonomic audits, training and methodically kept production documentation. In 2013, I took on the position of Ergonomist as a specialist in a company operating occupational health services, where I was in charge of production plants in the Czech Republic. The majority of work here was ergonomics, its introduction into multinational companies, the implementation of ergonomic inspections, but also the processing of job categorization, setting up medical examinations and measuring local muscle load. In 2017, we founded the family company ErgoCzech s.r.o.

I like to travel, I have 4 beautiful children with the executive of this company and I have newly discovered the magic of golf.



Ergonomics specialist

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In the company, I deal with various projects - from translations and creating online courses to audits and training. I also help develop Tomáš’s ideas (he got lots of them!). In addition, if you are a client from abroad, it is very likely that you communicate with me in business matters.

I gained professional experience for several years at home - in Poland. Then I spent almost 15 years in the UK to finally settle in the Czech Republic. My career began with a widely understood gastronomy and food hygiene. After some time I gained knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety, fire safety and of course - in ergonomics.

My wife and I have two very active sons - Teodor and Tobias. We like to travel around Europe. And I personally have to admit that I’m a bookworm. So in every spare moment I read...

Our vision is a healthy employee in a healthy workplace in a healthy company.

We have reviewed and improved ergonomics to more than 5,000 workplaces.

We develop proposals for the categorization of work by a competent person.

We perform ergonomic audits at the client s workplaces.

We carry out physiological measurements.

We recommend and develop technical and organizational measures (job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment).

We save the cost of unnecessary measurements.

We optimize production line plans in terms of workload.

We teach ergonomics from operator to top management.

We provide legal advice regarding to ergonomics.