E-AUDIT is an electronic, fast and contactless variant of evaluating categorization and ergonomic factors in the workplace. By using E-AUDIT you will save time and price. All our E-AUDITes include free corrective measures to reduce risks (technical, organizational, educational and medical). We perform evaluations according to valid Czech legislation and internationally recognized analyzes such as NIOSH, RULA, REBA, OWAS, EAWS, ROSA, OCRA (index, checklist), MAC, ART, KIM, RAPP, STRAIN INDEX, LIBERTY MUTUAL TABLES and others. You will receive the evaluation no later than one week after sending the necessary information. As additional services, you can use, for example, redesign of workplaces, presentation of audit results at your company or online, or targeted training and coaching with operators or technicians.


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 File up-load (up to 256 MB)

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Redesign of workplaces
Presentation of audit results at the workplace or online
Tailor-made training

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